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This compact, discreet and efficient electric wall heater aims hot air downward and heats your bathroom in a flash. An optional timer control (sold separately) provides extra-quick heating (750 or 1500 watts) just when you want it, for as long as you want.

A definite space saver, the Soprano by Convectair can be installed high up on a wall or above a door, and is sure to warm you up from head to toe!

With a 240V connection this little unit puts out over 5100 BTU of warmth!

Soprano Heater


 Installation requires a wall box (not included) and a timer (not included) that is suited to the voltage chosen.

 Quick-mount surface installation with easy snap-on bracket. Installation height: 6' or 1.80 m from the floor.

 Flexible power cord supplied with heater.

 Choice of voltage and wattage at time of installation.


 H - 8.5 in. / W - 12.5 in. / D - 5.5 in


 Steel construction with polyester/epoxy anti-rust coating.

 Bottom grille directs the hot air downwards, towards the centre of the room to ensure even temperature.

 Bracket provides access to the back of the unit without un-mounting, for easy maintenance.

Control Switch

 Not included. The installation of a 30 or 60 minute timer that is compatible with the selected voltage is recommended.

Soprano as 120V or 240V


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