Because you are looking for more than a cheap space heater that goes on the floor in the middle of your room, HeatersHeatersHeaters offers  heating systems that are highly engineered for efficiency and durability and professionally designed to fit into your décor...not detract from it. 


Nothing matches the quality, performance, and style of our heating systems. The perfect diffusion of heat gives you a sense of constant well-being and unequalled comfort. Our electric wall heaters’ outstanding efficiency means lower energy consumption and European styling means they blend in, rather than stand out from your décor.


Feel safe about our electric wall heaters.  Protective grilles keep little fingers away and prevent children from burning or cutting themselves on the heater's internal parts. With minimum precautions, units can be used worry-free in playrooms and children's bedrooms. Wall mounting means they will stay out of the way and not get knocked over.


Our units are simple and convenient to install. Wall mounting is straight-forward and most can just plug right into your existing 120V outlets.  A professional electrician should install our 240V models.

We also offer a variety of built in solutions to make units that much more discreet as well as to get warmth where other units can't go.


Email us or call (888) 256-1566 for information on programmers and linking multiple units together. Many of our customers have done so in lieu of new  forced air heating systems! This is a perfect solution for your get-away homes on the lake or shore, in the mountains, or in the countryside!

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We are taking a break from the business as the weather warms up and we consider what’s next for heatersheatersheaters